Gouverneur von Kalifornien lehnt PFAS-Meldegesetz ab, unterzeichnet aber PFAS-Verbote für Kosmetika und Bekleidung
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Gouverneur von Kalifornien lehnt PFAS-Meldegesetz ab, unterzeichnet aber PFAS-Verbote für Kosmetika und Bekleidung

Apr 13, 2023

Brownstein Client Alert, Oct. 7, 2022

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has vetoed AB 2247, which would have required registration of all goods containing perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), but signed AB 2771 and AB 1817, which will restrict intentionally added PFAS in all cosmetics and most apparel, respectively, by Jan. 1, 2025.

We previously wrote about AB 2247, which would have required registration by 2026 of all products containing intentionally added PFAS.

As previously reported, AB 2247 garnered significant opposition from industry groups, including the California Chamber of Commerce and the Chemical Industry Council of California. They raised concerns with the broad definition of PFAS that did not account for the health and safety profiles, or potential for exposure of, individual PFAS compositions. Nor did the bill consider potential federal regulations regarding reporting of PFAS. The bill also did not contain protections for confidential business information or trade secrets.

In his veto statement, Gov. Newsom suggested that the bill may be premature, given the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) pending rulemaking to require reporting of PFAS. He also cited the bill's several-million-dollar price tag and California's lower-than-expected revenues in the next fiscal year. Gov. Newsom's statement leaves open the possibility for the bill's advocates to try again depending on EPA's actions and the California budget.

Now signed by Gov. Newsom, AB 2771 will ban the manufacture, sale, delivery, holding or offering for sale of any cosmetic product that contains intentionally added PFAS as of Jan. 1, 2025. Under the companion apparel bill, AB 1817, as of Jan. 1, 2025, no person may manufacture, distribute, sell or offer for sale new textiles containing regulated PFAS, except for "outdoor apparel for severe wet conditions." The term "outdoor apparel for severe wet conditions" appears susceptible to interpretation, being defined as clothing items intended primarily for outdoor activities that are "extreme and extended use products designed for outdoor sports experts for applications that provide protection against extended exposure to extreme rain conditions or against extended immersion in water or wet conditions, such as from snow, in order to protect the health and safety of the user and that are not marketed for general consumer use."

Under the new apparel law:

Importantly, in both pieces of legislation, PFAS is broadly defined as "a class of fluorinated organic chemicals containing at least one fully fluorinated carbon atom." Intentionally added PFAS is defined as both PFAS chemicals intentionally added by a manufacturer and PFAS chemicals that are the intentional breakdown products of an added chemical. AB 1817 further defines "regulated PFAS" as intentionally added PFAS or the presence of PFAS above 100 parts per million (as of Jan. 1, 2025) or 50 parts per million (as of Jan. 1, 2027).

States continue to express interest in regulating PFAS, particularly in daily consumer items. Manufacturers, distributors and retailers will need to evaluate the scope and intersection of each state's laws, plan for and comply with disclosure requirements and continue to evaluate and implement alternatives to PFAS.

California's rejection of a PFAS registry could be a sign that states are hesitant to develop general reporting requirements in anticipation of EPA action and are more likely to take an industry-specific approach to banning or severely restricting PFAS in common consumer products pending EPA action. Additionally, the veto of AB 2247 based on high fiscal impact, even for a state as populous as California, demonstrates a lingering concern with states seeking to tackle PFAS legislation, and the respective costs and benefits of future legislation will likely draw continued scrutiny.

Despite the veto, it is important to note that two PFAS-related bills were signed into law, adding to California's suite of previously enacted PFAS restrictions. This is consistent with trends occurring throughout the country, but states are addressing the issue differently. In addition to tracking various state legislation, it is critical not to lose sight of the EPA pending rule on the hazardous substance designation and the associated impactful related CERCLA liability. It is of utmost importance in this developing regulatory landscape that businesses audit their supply chains and distribution end points to be prepared.

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PLI Institute on Telecommunications Policy & Regulation 9 Trends and Predictions for the Cannabis Industry in the New Year Trends in Pro-Bono Giving as We Pivot from Pandemic to Post-Pandemic Times and Look Ahead into 2022 Friednash: Offensive police union email shows just how much help Aurora needs Meeting Immediate Challenges to Advancing and Retaining All Women California Governor Signs Into Law 31 New Housing Bills Industry Focus: Attorneys December Action in the Senate Innovative Materials – Concrete, Aluminum, Brick – What to Look for in 2022 and Beyond Practical Implications of Colorado's New Retainage Law for Private Construction Projects GSAs’ Stats Remain Consistent—DWR Releases Second Round of GSP Assessments Friednash: How to win or lose the most competitive congressional district in America California Real Estate Law 101 Legal Cases Impacting Tribal Fintech Addressing California Water Equity: Small System Infrastructure, Funding & Consolidation Strategies Reciprocal easement agreements are evolving Trending Topics: Vaccination and Testing Requirements Energy, Environment and Tribal Provisions in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Package Business Community Update: Cannabis Regulation Worker Classification Litigation Trends Build Back Better Act: Tax Policy Summary and Analysis Job Applicants, Vaccine Mandates and Other COVID-19 Protocols: What Employers Need to Know Employee Benefits-Related Limits For 2022 California Water Update Colorado Land Planning and Development Law 2021: Twelfth Edition Medicare Sequester Cuts Possible Without Congressional Action Changes to False Claims Act Passes Senate Committee, but Faces Uncertain Pathway to Law Friednash: Democrats, ignore the crime wave at your own peril CEQA News You Can Use - Vol. 6, Issue 3 - November 2021 Panel on the nexus between big tech, consumer protection and social justice The Department of Justice Surges Funds to Target Corporate Officers Cannabis & Hemp in Santa Barbara County and Beyond Navigating the Effect of Droughts The Current Landscape of Federal Law Governing Cannabis American Financial Services Association Law Committee presentations on Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Debt Collection Rules Privacy, Security and Risk Friednash: Texas’ oppressive laws will give Colorado the edge in the battle for business Cannabis Law in Practice Regulatory Ping Pong Creates New Enforcement Paradigms for Migratory Bird Treaty Act President Biden Mulling Executive Order on Cryptocurrencies: What to Watch For When Other Practice Areas Intersect with Real Estate City of Denver Proposes Policy for New Affordable Housing Requirements Water Law and Policy 2021 Colorado Property Taxes in 2022: How SB-293 and Prop 120 May Play Out on Your Bill Women in Real Estate - A CU Real Estate Center Special Event The Green Energy Domestic Mineral Supply Chain Paradox Salary Inquiries, Disclosures and Job Postings: What You Need to Know Cannabis 101 EPA Reverses Trump Era Clean Air Act SSM Policy Federal Cannabis Policy Update: SAFE Banking, MORE Act and CAOA Friednash: Polis’ fast enforcement of vaccine mandate for state employees will save lives Considerations for Drafting Contractual Indemnification Provisions SEC Renews Focus on 2010 Climate Change Disclosure Guidance When Should a Public Company Disclose a PCI Breach? SEC Chair Gensler Signals Greater Regulation of Cryptocurrency Under Existing Authorities Long-Awaited CFPB Debt Collection Rulemaking Set to Go into Effect AB 45 – Industrial Hemp Extracts in California: CBD and More! Summary of Health Care Provisions in Energy & Commerce Reconciliation Bill ACC Colorado Webinar - Limitations of Liability on Display Employer-Mandated COVID-19 Vaccines: A High-Stakes Gamble Now; A Better Bet in the Near Future Meeting Consumer Expectations – Payments in the Gaming Industry Vaccine Mandates and Proof of Vaccination Status: What California Employers Need to Know Putting TIF to Work Clean Air Act in Court: Shaping Non-Attainment State Implementation Plans Vaccine Mandates and Proof of Vaccination Status: What Employers Need to Know Friednash: Polis’ anti-income tax position isn't as outlandish as it sounds Vaccine Mandates - COVID-19 A Test for California's Groundwater Regulations in the Megadrought What Does the New Colorado COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Mean for Health Care Facilities? 2021 Industrial Summit 2021 Nevada Legislative Update: What Real Estate Practitioners Should Know 2021 Multifamily Development & Investment Conference COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates Midyear Updates for Colorado's Workplaces Requiring Proof of Vaccination? What You Need to Know. Let's Talk About Tax: Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Sept. 15 Is Final Deadline for ARPA COBRA Subsidy Expiration Notices Vaccine Injury Law in the Employment Context FDA Grants Full Approval to Pfizer Vaccine. What Does This Mean for Employers? The Gaining Momentum Surrounding Carbon Capture Use and Sequestration: Overcoming Legal and Regulatory Hurdles Senate Passes $3.5 Trillion Budget Resolution New CFPB Rule Offers Flexibility With Foreclosures Senate Democrats Release FY 2022 Budget Resolution Broadband in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Package Corporate Practice of Medicine Statutes in the Age of Artificial Intelligence Managing the Impacts of Material Price Fluctuations on Construction Projects Summary of Energy, Environment, and Tribal Provisions Included in Bipartisan Infrastructure Package How Cannabis Companies Can Turn Valuation Discounts Into Transparency Premiums with ESG Frameworks Senate Infrastructure Bill Draft Text Circulated Ahead of Vote Let's Talk About Taxes CEQA News You Can Use - Vol. 6, Issue 2 - July 2021 ACA International Annual Convention the Huddle Live Major Projects & Trends Changing Denver Dramatic Changes to The TCPA Landscape from Congress, the FCC, to the Supreme Court – Calling Cellphones and landlines May Never Be the Same Supreme Court: Actual Harm Required in Consumer Class Actions for FCRA Friednash: Trump's shady Space Command move was a political slight to Colorado Client Spotlight: WBLT on Regenerative Agriculture and Rethinking Conservation Colorado Conservation Easement Bill Presents Taxpayer-Friendly Opportunities Key takeaways from the Nevada 2021 legislative session DOJ Throws in the Towel on Wire Act Interpretation, But Congressional Action May Loom Renewable Energy, Microgrids and Conservation Promoting Competition in the American Economy: Analysis Congressional Antitrust Reform: State of Play Arthrex: "Unreviewable Authority" by APJs During Inter Partes Review Struck Down The Relationship between Federal, State & Local COVID-19 Related Leave Laws Health Care Fraud Cases Are Rising: 2020 Was a Record Year Friednash: New York's election disaster should scare anyone looking at ranked-choice voting Divisional Patents in India: Strategic Impacts of Restrictive Divisional Practice Combatting Misguided Legislation Legal Considerations for Scaling in the Cannabis Business 2021 Privacy Law: The Colorado Privacy Act Treasury Announces Second Phase of Pandemic Relief for Tribal Governments Expansion of Public Meeting Teleconferencing During Pandemic Set to Expire in California Financing tool can help developers keep PACE with environmental trend Republican Congressional Chiefs of Staff Conference Senators Release Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework 2021 Amendments to Statutes Governing Colorado Entities – Expanding the Ability to Conduct Business Activities Electronically Colorado Supreme Court: Employers Must Pay Out Earned Vacation Upon Separation NAIOP & AGC 3rd Annual Real-World Economics - An Economic Town Hall Friednash: With Polis’ signature, Colorado will finally compete with Utah on infrastructure Biden Administration Releases Unified Agenda, Outlining Regulatory Priorities SEC's Regulatory Agenda Reflects Democratic Priorities Health Care Outlook: Reconciliation Biden's Best Path to Health Reform Offshore Wind Is Heating Up in the Biden Administration Key Takeaways from the 2021 Legislative Session WOTUS Woes Continue: EPA to Modify the Navigable Waters Protection Rule SGMA Implementation and Legal Challenges Federal Government Says Employers Can Mandate COVID-19 Vaccines? Not So Fast… Colorado Employment Law Updates White House Announces Findings of Critical Minerals Supply Chain Review Friednash: Anti-Semitism flares in the U.S., even among some Democrats in Congress The Gambling Law Review: USA - Nevada Application Window Opens for $1 Billion Tribal Broadband Fund GSAs Shooting 50% on GSPs—DWR Releases First GSP Assessment Results for High Priority Basins Quick Hit Duo What Demo Day Sponsors and Presenting Companies Should Know About Rule 148 Energy, Environment, and Resource Agencies Release FY2022 Budget Analysis of Health Care Provisions Included in Biden Administration FY 2022 Budget Request Summary and Analysis of Biden Administration's Newly Released FY 2022 Budget Senate Republicans Release Infrastructure Counterproposal FWS Proposes Listing the Lesser Prairie-Chicken—Potential Impacts for Energy Companies Friednash: Donald Trump's Supreme Court is prepping to dismantle abortion rights Local Affordable Housing Requirements Are Coming—What Should You Know? ULI Spring Meeting 2021 Women Making Waves in Cannabis NASAA 2021 Virtual Public Policy Symposium What Is An Involuntary Termination Or Reduction In Hours For ARPA COBRA Premium Assistance? Supreme Court: Copying APIs in Software Can Be Fair Use What Employers Need to Know About COVID-19 Vaccines Legal and policy implications for private developers acquiring BLM lands Friednash: A bipartisan appointment may help bridge Colorado's urban-rural divide Interior Releases 30 by 30 Conservation Report Potential Congressional Action on Telehealth Bridging Intention and Outcomes Considerations to convert hotel or office to apts. President Biden Unveils American Families Plan in First Address to Congress China Policy: Analysis of the Whole-of-Government Approach Will Biden's American Families Plan Take Aim at Executive Compensation? Infrastructure: Navigating the Road Ahead Key Takeaways from the Climate Leaders Summit Circuit Courts Further Diverge on Website Accessibility Of Antitrust and Patents: the Quiet Return of the Status Quo at the DOJ's Antitrust Division The TCPA and Robocalls: Recent Developments and the Road Ahead Debt Collection Companies Beware: A Slew of Lawsuits Are Coming Discussion on How to Advocate in Washington, D.C. Quarterly Cannabis Report Friednash: Establishing shantytowns in Denver would be like abandoning all hope for the city's homeless AGs To Fill Void As Justices Say FTC Can't Impose Restitution The Taxonomy of Debt in Bankruptcy Know Your Contracts CEQA News You Can Use - Vol. 6, Issue 1 - April 2021 Building Back Better, April 20, 2021 Building Back Better "Basics" about the FDCPA USDA Climate-Smart Agriculture and Forestry: Request for Comments Telehealth – Where are We One Year After the Public Health Emergency? The Debt Collection Rule: Communications, Disclosure, and the Changes You Need to Know Infrastructure Week in Washington: Here at Last? Bisnow Digital Summit - California Opportunity Zones Update Comparison of Senate Finance Committee and Biden Administration International Tax Proposals New Federal Aid Could Boost Tribal Access To Broadband Building Back Better, April 13, 2021 Opportunities and Obstacles When Converting a Building from Hotel or Office Use to Multifamily State AG Investigations: The Impact of a New Federal Landscape COVID-19 Relief Provides New Funding for Tribal Broadband Access Initiatives 5 Strategies to Fight Overly Restrictive Hemp Regulations The Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020: Broader Federal Authority and New Compliance Challenges Friednash: The Colorado animal cruelty initiative is actually a campaign to end meat, poultry and dairy production Treasury Department Releases Details of the Made In America Tax Plan NAIOP 2021 Public Policy Series: Issues & Insights - Learn What's New in DC and Colorado ARPA COBRA Subsidy Model Notices and Guidance Released Today Requires Immediate Action Best Deposition Practices from the Perspective of the Court Reporter Colorado School of Mines Payne Institute Spring Webinar Series presents Colorado's Energy Future: Are We There Yet? Senate Democrats Release International Tax Framework Fiduciary duty and liability for property managers When a Superior Force Meets an Immovable Object The Supreme Court Narrows the Scope of the TCPA American Jobs Plan Analysis Building Back Better, March 30, 2021 No Fooling Around: New Six-Month COBRA Subsidy Starts April 1, Requires Immediate Action Update on Tribal Broadband Funding Opportunities Colorado Joins the Consumer Data Privacy Fray Employers Should Think Carefully Before Mandating COVID-19 Vaccines Friednash: The White House's marijuana misstep? Dismissing staffers who admitted cannabis use GRA/CGC 2021 Groundwater Law and Legislation Forum Congress Tackling Competition with China Building Back Better, March 23, 2021 Have You Thought About ... What the Latest Voluntary Extension to the FFCRA Means to Employers? House Passes PPP Extension Act of 2021 Struggling Restaurants May Be Eligible for ‘Revitalization’ Grants 2021 Privacy Law: State Statutes Pending American Rescue Plan Act: Summary of Health Provisions Insights on Coronavirus Friednash: Redistricting delays caused by the Census Bureau are bad for robust, competitive elections. Colorado's leaders should act now. House to Vote on PPP Extension Capitol Hill Outlook Senate Approves ARPA, Concludes Vote-a-Rama Senate Unveils American Rescue Plan Ahead of Floor Vote 2020 Forest Resources Year in Review The CLEAN Future Act of 2021: An In-Depth Look Can Employers Mandate COVID-19 Vaccines? Likely Not (Yet), Given Current FDA Emergency Use Authorization Status Wage and Hour Law -- What's New for 2021? Catalyzing Diversity New State Data Privacy Requirements Continue to Pile On: Virginia Is on the Verge of Passing Its Own Consumer Data Protection Act Acting SEC Chair's Directive Signals Changes Coming for Climate Risk Disclosures IRS Clarifies PPP Loans, Retention Credit Wage Reporting Rules The Emergence of Proposed State Privacy Laws & The Threat of Federal Privacy Legislation Friednash: Two prominent Coloradans jump their parties’ ships. What does that say about our two-party system? A Tough Road Ahead for Democrats' Ambitious Policy Agenda The Competition and Antitrust Law Enforcement Reform Act: Section-by-Section Analysis Update on the Equal Pay Act and Age Discrimination in Employment Act Colorado Bill Empowers Local Governments to Require Affordable Housing Can (and Should) Employers Mandate Vaccines for their Employees? Curbside Pickup Prompts Lease Provision Changes Lessons Learned in Regulating Hemp Health Care Provisions in House Budget Reconciliation Bill What the Biden DOJ Can Learn From the Clinton and Obama Years on How to Tackle America's Monopoly Problem Social Justice Cause Marketing and Consumer Protection California Statewide Eviction Moratorium Extension for Residential Tenants: To Forgive or Not to Forgive? Democrats Unveil COVID-19 Bill Text Ahead of Markup Friednash: Liz Cheney is a profile in courage for standing up to the extremes of the Republican Party Diversity in the Health Care Workforce and Taking Stock of the Legal Risks After COVID-19 The FTC Announces Decreased HSR Thresholds for 2021 Brownstein Health Care Business Panel 2021: What Comes Next? Fair Access to Financial Services Panel Exploring the Bounds of Possibility D.C. Circuit Vacates Portions of EPA's 2018 Ozone Implementation Rule Voting in Indian Country Dissecting the Biden Climate Executive Order Intersection of Environmental Justice Issues with California Housing, Water Infrastructure and Land Use Regulation 2021 Privacy Law Developments Equal Pay Legislation Friednash: A bipartisan push for civics in Colorado schools could save the republic Executive Order Pauses Federal Fossil Fuel Leasing, Encourages Renewable Development Careless Errors Under CCIOA: Who Creates the Community? Wire Act Ruling a Win for iGaming and Lotteries, Status Quo for Sports Betting—for Now Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen's Tax and Financial Services Responses to Senate Finance Committee It's Back: the Congressional Review Act and Implications for Recent Environmental Rules Update on Marijuana Legalization: Status of States and SAFE Act Roadmap to a Blue Government Climate and Energy Policy Under President Biden American Rescue Plan Health Provisions Biden Unveils American Rescue Plan Friednash: Trump's propaganda fueled the Capitol attack and it’ll burn down the GOP if they don't reject it Learning on the Job – Magistrate Judges Crews and Neureiter Assess Their First Two Years on the Bench Have You Thought About… Requiring Employees to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine? Legalization, Laws and Regulations: What's New and What's Next in the Real World of Cannabis Real Estate California Supervisors and HR Representatives Have New Child Abuse Reporting and Training Requirements Employee Retention Tax Credit – Updates and What to Know for Your Business COBRA-Related Litigation Trend: Advanced Preparation Is the Anti-Venom The threat to our national defense technology Impact of 50-50 Senate Split and Committee Leadership Projections Opinion: How to profit safely as a landlord to cannabis companies Have You Thought About ... What the Limited Extension to the FFCRA Means to Employers? Five Takeaways from the House Rules Package for the 117th Congress The Congressional Budget Reconciliation Process Department of Labor Issues Final Independent Contractor Rule Healthy Buildings are Here to Stay The FCC Imposes New Requirements on Non-Marketing Residential Robocalls Five Important California Employment Law Changes for 2021 Nevada Real Property Practice and Procedure Manual: 2021 Edition Friednash: A few predictions as we put 2020 behind us. Trump TV anyone? Summary of Higher Education Provisions in the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 Updated: Have You Thought About … Implications of Employee Travel During the Pandemic? Congress Passes Omnibus, COVID-19 Relief Policy Movers: Biden Unveils Climate Team Summary of Health Care Provisions in the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 The Trajectory of U.S. Trade Policy Guest Commentary: Both parties need to shape up or make way for Americans’ independent streak Opinion: Sorting the Ins and Outs of New Ventura County Cannabis Law A New Government: The First 100 Days Measuring the "Health" of Buildings A Landlord Primer for a Potential Second Wave Best Practices to Mitigate Illegal Robocalls to Hospitals and Health Facilities Fiscal Impact of Pandemic on State Budgets Have You Thought About … Requiring Employees to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine? 2020 NAIOP Public Policy Series: What's Next? - A Look Ahead to the 2021 Legislative Session The FCC Reverses Course—Finds Government Contractors Subject to the TCPA UPDATED: Employers Beware: Sweeping Cal/OSHA COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard Is Now in Effect SBA Paycheck Protection Program: Compliance rules for forgiveness and necessity questionnaires to borrowers that received $2 million or more Ever Played Ping Pong on a Roller Coaster? Have You Thought About … Ensuring Pandemic Fatigue Doesn't Decrease Compliance? It's Time for the Colorado Legislature to Amend its Corporations Law House Votes to Decriminalize Cannabis New Privacy Requirements for App Developers Using the Apple App Store Colorado's COVID-19 Special Session Ends (Mostly) in Compromise Friednash: Executions for criminals and pardons for his friends will mark Donald Trump's last days in office 2021 Bodes Well for California Marijuana Companies, Business Opportunities California Real Estate Transactions and Closings The Perils of PTO for Multi-Jurisdictional Employers Coronavirus Economic Response Update: Lawmakers Release Competing COVID-19 Relief Packages Aftermath of the Nevada Eviction Moratorium Opinion: Election didn't change California's balance of power Q&As From a Pro Bono Partner Let's Talk Turkey: Corporate Deal Support - Deals, Data Sites, Due Diligence and Drafting Documents Friednash: We are witnessing the normalization of hatred in America President Trump Finalizes Rebate Rule and Most-Favored Nation Model for Medicare Part B Presidential Election Portends Changes at the Nation's Leading Product Safety Agency The Upcoming Supreme Court Case Facebook, Inc. v. Duguid et al. and Key Legal Issues under the TCPA Year of the Plague: Day 322, A Bankruptcy Colloquium New FDCPA Rules: What's Missing and What's Still Coming Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Policy Under a Biden Administration Advancing The Democratic Tax Agenda In 2021 The Ethics of Building a Practice Proving Impact on Consumer Welfare in "Free" Markets Indian Law & Policy Update, November 10, 2020 SEC Amends Rules to Harmonize, Simplify and Improve Exempt Offering Framework Friednash: Colorado rejects Trump and throws a life-line to the nation Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Legislative Update Election 2020: State and Local Results Despite an Uncertain Election Night, Cannabis Ballot Returns Left No Doubt Legal Landmines for Leaders: Employment Issues The Day After the 2020 Elections: Post-Election Analysis and Outlook SBA Begins Issuing Loan Necessity Questionnaires to Certain PPP Borrowers New Record FCPA Settlement Should Serve as a Compliance Wake-Up Call 2021 Trends: Nine Developments in California's Cannabis Market CEQA News You Can Use - Vol. 5, Issue 3 - November 2020 The Telehealth "New Normal"— Employment & Compliance Considerations Down Ticket Races to Watch in 2020 Post-Election Tax Policy Scenario 3: A Divided Government While You Were Quarantining– Washington Has Been Busy: Summary of the Top Rules Impacting Providers and Payors for 2021 Implications from California's New "Mini-CFPB" and Impending "CCPA 2.0" CARES Act Oversight Ramps Up with Opening of New Watchdog Office Neal and Brady Introduce Retirement Legislation Post-Election Tax Policy Scenario 2: A Democratic Sweep Voices of Cannabis Bankruptcy Case Law Update Post-Election Tax Policy Scenario 1: A Republican Sweep Employee Benefits-Related Limits for 2021 Friednash: When will this election end? Probably not on Nov. 3 thanks to Trump's scheming Election Night 2020: What to Expect The Fate Of The ACA And What's Next For Health Care Impact of China Task Force Report on U.S. Policy and Commerce While You Were Socially Distancing – Washington Has Been Busy: Summary of the Top Rules Impacting Providers and Payors for 2021 Have You Thought About ... What Happens When Your Commercial Tenant Files for Bankruptcy? 28th Fall Conference, ABA Section of Environment, Energy and Resources Will Severability Rescue the Affordable Care Act? If Not, What Comes Next? Eight Predictions Regarding the Impact of the Coronavirus in the Bankruptcy World – A Retrospective OMB Guidance On Federal Enforcement Actions Reflects Respect For Civil Liberties SEC Proposes Conditional Finders Exemption From Broker Registration Understanding the Issues: A Senatorial Candidate Forum and Ballot Primer The Future of Federal Tax Policy 2020 Elections, the Supreme Court, and the Future of Health Care What's on the 2020 Colorado Ballot? Strange Times: Employment Implications of a Contentious Election During a Pandemic Friednash: Colorado is no longer a swing state and with that battleground status goes our sway on federal policy Replacing a Presidential Candidate on State Ballots Debt Collection: Predictions, Regulations, Communication, and Litigation Colorado Equal Pay Act Wage & Hour Update Tax Policy Trends: What Democratic, Republican and Divided Control of Washington Could Bring in 2021 Could We See the End of the Filibuster? Pro Bono Corner: Find the Pro Bono Matters That Feed the Area of Law You Love Making Wellness a Law Firm Priority After Election Day: How Market-Structure Regulation Will Change in 2021 and Beyond Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements—What You Need to Know Key Leasing Considerations for Commercial Landlords in the Age of Coronavirus First Presidential Debate: Key Political and Policy Takeaways Overview of Health Care Provisions in the HEROES Act II House China Task Force Report Released Top Five Building Occupancy Questions During COVID-19 Have You Thought About ... COVID-19 Implications for Employment Issues in Corporate Transactions? Deadline Approaching for Next Phase of E911 Rules for Hotels and Offices Friednash: To save our republic, heed George Washington and abandon this toxic two-party system Overview of the Trump Administration's 'America First Healthcare Vision' Have You Thought About ... Who Will Pay for COVID-19 Testing for Employees? House Passes Government Funding Extensions House Introduces Temporary Stopgap Measure Policy Predictions and Key Positions for a Biden Administration Developer Versus Urban Renewal: A Mock Negotiation Forest Resources Year in Review and Midyear Update Have You Thought About ... Notice Clauses? Groundwater Resources Association 3rd Annual Western Groundwater Congress 3rd Annual Western Groundwater Congress Friednash: Trump triggered an avalanche in Colorado that will wipe out Republicans down ballot in 2020 The FCC Slated to Take Further Steps to Combat Robocalls Have You Thought About ... The Impact of Federal Residential Eviction Moratorium? Coronavirus Economic Response Update: COVID-19 Negotiations Still Stalled IRS Notice 2020-68: Implementing Long-Term Part-Time Employee 401(k) Elective Deferrals Senate Republicans Unveil 'Targeted' COVID-19 Package The Impact of Marijuana Legalization on Hospitality Employers Applications Open for Energy and Mineral Development Program Grant Opportunity Nevada: long road but industry ready to satisfy pent-up demand Microplastics – They’re Everywhere! Have You Thought About ... Impending WARN Act Issues? 28th Fall Conference goes virtual! The Pandemic's Potential Effects On Development Agreements Friednash: The events from Kenosha, a city of 100,000 people, have rocked America SEC Amends Accredited Investor Definition Treasury, IRS Publish Payroll Tax Deferral Guidance Public vs. Private Projects – Business Retooling – Diversify to Thrive in Times of Uncertainty Federal and State Debt Collection Policy: The Path Ahead Five Tips Before Acquiring a Site for Battery Energy Storage 2020 Presidential Campaign Update: Impact of VP Pick Court Rejects Trump Administration's Migratory Bird Treaty Act Interpretation 2019 in Perspective: A Statistical Analysis of the Business of the Federal District Court Have You Thought About ... Colorado's Property Owner Preservation Program? Key Issues to Consider as Businesses Continue to Navigate the Pandemic Consumer Protection Issues with Colorado AG Phil Weiser Judicial Council of California Ends Statewide Eviction Moratorium Memento Mori Coronavirus Economic Response Update: White House Acts as Negotiations Stall Friednash: Coloradans should pass on putting this "right-wing lunatic" into Congress President Trump's Aug. 8 Tax Executive Orders Capital Formation in the COVID-19 Era Signature Deadline Passes for Colorado 2020 Ballot Initiatives DOJ And SEC's Updated Resource Guide: What FCPA Enforcement Targets Need To Know HEALS Act Safe and Healthy Workplace Tax Credit Guide for Employers BE-180 Survey Deadline for FY 2019 Looming for U.S. Financial Services Providers State and Local Income Tax and Employment Law Implications for Remote Workers During COVID-19 What Small Business Tenants in Nevada Need to Know About the Commercial Eviction Moratorium HEALS Act Comparison to HEROES Act and Current Law Friednash: At last, a plan to address Colorado's crumbling roads Senate GOP Releases COVID-19 Stimulus Bill—HEALS Act Imagining a National Regulatory Framework NLRB Grants Employers More Flexibility to Discipline Unruly Employees Jason Dunn: The less-sensational story behind the federal agents in Portland and Operation LeGend Appeals Court Holds CMS Has Authority to Implement Rule That Lowered Medicare Payments to Off-Campus Clinics A Regulatory Perspective on Navigating Waters of the United States Keys to Successful Certification Programs and Registration of Certification Marks Water Rights Evaluations PBGC Q&As: Impact of COVID-19 and CARES Act on Single-Employer Pension Plans How Tribes Can Respond To Clean Water Act Review Limits High Court's Seila Law Decision Disappoints Surviving and Thriving as a Lawyer and Introvert Gov. Polis Issues Statewide Mask Order for Colorado, Effective Today Your Microphone is Muted! Navigating Virtual Settlement Conferences Colorado Case Law Update Have You Thought About ... The Importance of Documenting and Tracking COVID-19-Related Leave? Colorado Enacts Expanded COVID-19 Paid Leave and Heightened Whistleblowing and PPE Protections, Effective Immediately Have You Thought About ... Contractual Provisions Impacted by COVID-19? What Employers Need To Know: Coronavirus as a Work-related Illness, Part 1 Friednash: Where's the outrage when an NFL player attempts to quote Hitler's anti-Semitic tropes What Employers Need To Know: Coronavirus as a Work-related Illness, Part 2 Southern Nevada Development and Planning COVID-19 Modifications IRS Guidance on 2020 RMD Waivers Includes Rapidly Approaching Rollover Deadline 2020 Presidential Election Update: Seismic Shift in Polling How Will New Design Address Post COVID-19 Development Living? Five Issues for Businesses to Consider Amid COVID-19 Resurgence Ethics in the Time of COVID-19 FAQs Part 43: Guidance on Health Coverage Issues Related to COVID-19 CEQA News You Can Use – Volume 5, Issue 2 Methane regulation 2.0: What to expect in the second, and more difficult, wave of methane regulation in the oil and gas industry Bypassing Bankruptcy Friednash: Colorado's George Floyd protests wrought these five meaningful changes Why Colo. Stay Of Trump's Water Rule Is Noteworthy Coronavirus Economic Response Update: June Jobs Report Signals Recovery Repayment Agreements The FCC Resolves Petitions on Texting Platforms and TCPA Consent Eviction Moratorium COVID-19 Doesn't Excuse You From Your Lease Developing International Perspectives on Market Definition in Digital Markets How to Streamline Permitting for Battery Projects in California DOJ Rounds Up Two Attorneys in Litigation Extortion Plot Ballot Boxing Match Have You Thought About … How State and Local Income Tax and Employment Laws Apply to Remote Workers During COVID-19? (Part 1) Oh What A Relief It Is (Not): IRS Guidance on Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan Midyear Amendments Have You Thought About … How State and Local Income Tax and Employment Laws Apply to Remote Workers During COVID-19? (Part 2) FFCRA Leave May Be Used for Summer Camp Cancellations Per New U.S. DOL Guidance Nevada's Eviction and Foreclosure Moratorium to be Lifted in Phases Summary and Analysis of House Democrats’ Infrastructure Bill Summer 2020 Health Care Business Roundtable: Navigating a Brave New World Colorado District Court Judge Stays Trump Administration's Navigable Waters Protection Rule Trends in Health Care Business: Navigating a Brave New World IRS Notice 2020-50: Guidance on Coronavirus Related Distributions and Loans Coronavirus Economic Response Update: Infrastructure, Appropriations & the IRS Military Members: A Silent Protest? PPP Deadline Fast Approaching as SBA and Treasury Announce Enhanced Transparency Labor and Employment Implications of Coronavirus Have You Thought About … Does Fiduciary Duty Require a COVID-19 Resurgence Plan? Debunking the Environmental Myths Supreme Court Says "Willfulness" Not Required to Recover Trademark Infringers’ Profits — What's Next? Friednash: Ethics commission failed public and politicians in Hickenlooper ruling Have You Thought About ... Modifying Your Employment Policies Upon Reopening? Have You Thought About ... Whether You Can Rescind Job Offers? OSHA Issues New Business Reopening Guidance Coronavirus Economic Response Update: Phase Four Pushed to July Have You Thought About ... Limiting Third-Party Liability Resulting from Employee Exposure to COVID-19? Have You Thought About … Landlord/Tenant Issues Related to Reopening? Colorado Implements New Paid Sick Leave Requirements Extending Beyond COVID-19 Issues Survey and Title Review: 5 Common Issues and Practical Tips to Solve Them Have You Thought About ... Privacy in the Age of COVID-19? Updates to the PPP Following New SBA Guidance Explaining the Basics of Nevada Campaign Finance Law Employers Can't Discriminate Against Gay and Transgender Individuals, Supreme Court Rules Tools of the Trade: Hotel Expense Reimbursement Policies Have You Thought About … Water Systems in Dormant Buildings? Have You Thought About ... How to Handle Employees Who Refuse to Return to Work? Have You Thought About … PPP Requirements Regarding Rejected Offers of Reemployment? Colorado Adds Tool to Mend Corporate Actions Taken Without Proper Authorization Strategic Decision Making for Timing and Sizing for TIF Areas Coronavirus Economic Response Update: Phase Four Legislation Delayed After May Jobs Report Have You Thought About ... Who Will Pay for Asymptomatic Carrier Testing? Have You Thought About … Denver Restaurant Reopening Guidance? Tips For Hiring a Cannabis Lawyer and Planner Development Following COVID-19: Episode 2 What's Next Nevada: Leadership Lessons for Reopening Have You Thought About ... The Foreseeability of a COVID-19 Resurgence for WARN Act Purposes? Friednash: Why George Floyd's killer should face first-degree murder charges Have You Thought About ... Potential WARN Act Traps? Three Issues Businesses Should Be Thinking About for Reopening Have You Thought About ... Documentation Requirements Under The FFCRA to Obtain Payroll Tax Credits? 2020 Presidential Election Update: Analysis and Projections Coronavirus Economic Response Update: PPP Reform and Phase Four Talks EPA's New Clean Water Act Section 401 Certification Rule Limits Tribal Water Permit Power What's Next Colorado: Restaurant Reopening and Expansion Into Open Areas Loan Workouts: First Steps for Commercial Property Owners Campaign 2020: What You Need to Know About Campaign Finance Law in Nevada Election 2020: What You Need to Know About Federal Campaign Finance Law Have You Thought About ... Worker Safety at Customer Sites? COVID-19: The Surprise D&I Catalyst Gov. Newsom Extends California Moratoriums on Residential Tenant Evictions Contemplating COVID-19 Impacts on Real Estate Transactions in The West House Passes Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act Have You Thought About ... How Reopening Affects Your Bonus, Equity-Based and Deferred Compensation Plans? Local Counsel Opinions in Real Estate Finance Transactions Extraordinary Changes in Extraordinary Times Have You Thought About ... How Hotels May Reopen With a More Contactless Experience? U.S. Supreme Court: States Cannot Copyright Legal Code Annotations What's Next: Reopening Liability Risks Friednash: The future is uncertain for graduating seniors, but there is hope — them Have You Thought About ... Workers’ Compensation Presumptions Related to Coronavirus? Have You Thought About ... Reopening Considerations for Companies Operating in Multiple Jurisdictions? Foreign Companies May Lose Access to U.S. Capital Markets Under Just-Passed Senate Legislation ACA International Washington Insights Virtual Fly-In Structural Challenges in the Federal Reserve's Main Street Lending Program California Ruling Could Shift Fire Suppression Costs Coronavirus Economic Response Update: Competing Priorities Cloud Phase Four Distinct Income Share Oversight Could Reform Student Debt Turning Loans into Lemonade: A Tough Squeeze House Passes the HEROES Act Have You Thought About ... Should Businesses Use UV Technology in Cleaning Protocols? Provider Beware: Potential Pitfalls of Fraud in Government Telehealth Programs Now on the COVID-19 Menu: Temporary Flexibility for Cafeteria Plans Overview of Pandemic Liability Protections Health Care Summary and Analysis of the HEROES Act Spring Cleaning for Your Trademark Portfolio Analysis of Economic Provisions in HEROES Act COVID-19 Is Unlikely To Remove Commercial Rent Obligations Missteps To Avoid In Marketing COVID-19 Antibody Tests Questions remain about Paycheck Protection Program What's Next Colorado: What Reopening Looks Like What Does the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis Mean for Nevada Businesses? - Second Edition What's Next Nevada: Force Majeure Clauses Coronavirus Economic Response Update: The Road to Recovery The PPP Safe Harbor: What Happens After May 14? Friednash: Deploy federal funds to feed seniors and rescue Colorado's restaurants Key Issues to Consider While Reopening or Partially Reopening For Whom the Timing Tolls: The COVID-19 Outbreak Period Extends Benefit Plan Deadlines Development Following COVID-19 The Main Street Lending Program: Recent Changes, Challenges Ahead Six Top Considerations Before Acquiring a Hemp Cultivation Site The FCC Expands Capacity for Wireless Health Monitoring How the CARES Act Impacts Multifamily Real Estate Landlord-Tenant Law in the Age of Coronavirus Five Top Considerations Before Acquiring a Cannabis Cultivation Site NAIOP Colorado Townhall Webinar – Now What? Considerations for Distressed Hotel Acquisitions Resulting from COVID-19 USPTO Offers Further Deadline Extensions Through June 1 Feds Release Updated Cleaning and Disinfecting Guidance COVID-19 Price Gougers Beware—Deploying Trademark Law to Combat Price Gouging Proves Successful Gov. Newsom Suspends Some CEQA Requirements, Threatening the Ability of Certain Projects to Proceed COVID-19 Response Oversight: What to Expect From the Federal Inspectors General SBA Expands Loan Program to Include Small Gaming Companies Striking Middle Ground(water), the Supreme Court Holds That Some Discharges to Groundwater Require Clean Water Act Permits Friednash: Lessons of the Greatest Generation will help us and defeat our silent, deadly enemy Supreme Court Says "Willfulness" Not Required to Recover Trademark Infringers’ Profits CARES Act Amended: Agricultural Operations Now Eligible for SBA Loans Up to $2 million How Colorado Will Reopen Businesses Do COVID-19 Closures Reset the Clock for Trademark Incontestability? Changes Ahead for the Federal Reserve's Main Street Lending Programs Trump Administration Announces Distribution of $100 Billion in Health Care Aid COVID & Legislative Update Authority of the Attorney General CEQA News You Can Use – Volume 5, Issue 1 Developing Legal Issues for Business Interruption Insurance and COVID-19 Dealing with Robocalls: The Continued Battle Against Robocalls and Unfinished Business with the TCPA Sowing the seeds for brand success: Securing trademark protection in an evolving cannabis market District Court Ruling on Keystone XL Pipeline Vacates Entire Nationwide Permit 12, Sows Chaos Anti-Kickback Leniency During COVID-19 Pandemic Public Meetings in the Front Range During the Covid-19 Outbreak INSIGHT: How Employers Can Help Employees Now How Will State and Local Governments Reopen Businesses After COVID-19? Shifting Realities of Real Estate Purchase and Sale Contracts What does the COVID-19 crisis mean for Nevada businesses? Five Tips for Making Virtual Compliance a Reality Avoiding Price Gouging Liability During and Post-COVID-19 Opportunities for Small Business in the CARES Act of 2020 EPA Issues Guidance for Cleanup and Emergency Response Field Work During COVID-19 Pandemic State and Federal Agencies Crack Down on COVID-19 Claims Downplaying or Concealing Coronavirus Risk Could Result in Consumer Protection Lawsuits Cannabis Businesses are Essential Building Inspections in the Denver Metro Area During the COVID-19 Outbreak Brand Management During a Pandemic: Preserving Your Trademark Rights While Temporarily Shuttered Due to COVID-19 Federal Coronavirus Spending and the False Claims Act: A Gathering Storm Friednash: Collecting signatures during a pandemic may be impossible. And that might not be so bad. OIG Issues Blanket Waivers of Anti-Kickback Statute to Address COVID-19 Pandemic Summary of Federal Reserve Lending Programs as of April 9, 2020 CARES Act Employee Retention Tax Credit Guide for Employers UPDATED: Documentation Requirements for Payroll Tax Credits and Employee Eligibility Under FFCRA Consumer Credit and Coronavirus – What Lenders and Collectors Need to Know USPTO Extends Trademark and Patent Deadlines Amid COVID-19 Pandemic The FCC Rolls Out Telehealth Funding Programs The Credit Box Conundrum: When Math and Politics Clash COVID-19 and the AIA A201-2017: Anatomy of a Delay Analysis Column: Protect Your Business From Breach of Contract Claims During the Pandemic Congressional Health Care Priorities in the Fourth Coronavirus Legislative Package SBA Issues Interim Rules on Eligibility for Paycheck Protection Loans IRS FAQs Allow Taxes Withheld from Employees’ Wages to Fund Leave and Wage Payments False Ad Considerations In The Time Of COVID-19 CMS Issues Sweeping Regulatory Changes in Response to COVID-19 Patient Surge Colorado Supreme Court Gives OK to Legislative Work Pause, Session is Officially on Hold Someone Call the Plumber: The Economy's Liquidity Pipes are Clogged Rent Relief for Retail Tenants During COVID-19: A Checklist for Landlords Mitigating Record-Delay Risks For Title Insurance Cos. Statewide Proposed Ballot Initiative Would Limit Growth Legislative Developments Impacting the Collections Industry COVID-19: Moratorium on Nevada Evictions and Foreclosures The CARES Act Zero-Sum Game: Intense Competition for Treasury's $454 Billion Treasury Releases Small Business Assistance Information More Coronavirus Updates from the SEC EPA Issues Enforcement Discretion Policy During COVID-19 HHS Issues Blanket Waivers of Stark Law to Address COVID-19 Pandemic What Does the Government Response to the COVID-19 Crisis Mean for Nevada Businesses? COVID-19: California City and County Moratoriums on Residential Tenant Evictions Legal Issues for Managers During an Epidemic Five Big Things to Watch in CARES Act Implementation The CARES Act - Small Business Administration The CARES Act: Title IV Overview on Economic Recovery for Distressed Sectors The CARES Act: Title II Business Provisions Summary and Analysis State and Local Government's Emergency Powers During COVID-19: Is Your Business Essential? The CARES Act: Health Care Summary and Analysis American Indian Provisions in the CARES Act Analysis of Senate-Passed CARES Act Can State and Local Government Seize Your Private Property During a Global Pandemic? Questions Abound as Colorado General Assembly Extends Suspension of Legislative Session Friednash: Raise your flags, support your neighbors and stand together Colorado ‘Empowered Women, Empower Women,’ says Denver Law Firm Friednash: Raise your flags, support your neighbors and stand together Colorado COVID-19 legal insights for hospitality, entertainment industries Contracts in the Age of Coronavirus: Are Businesses in Breach If Forced to Close by Government Order? How Employers Can Assist Employees (Current and Former) Right Now COVID-19—Evaluating Material Adverse Change Clauses in Loan Agreements Coronavirus Economic Update, March 24, 2020 Lessons from Hahnemann University Hospital: What We Can Learn About Operational Questions, Legal Options, and Danger Zones for Bankrupt Hospitals What Does the Closure of Clerk and Recorder's Offices Mean for Real Estate Closings and Title Insurance Coverage? Shifting Realities of Real Estate Purchase and Sale Contracts in the Midst of a Global Pandemic The FCC Exempts COVID-19-Related Health Care "Robocalls" From TCPA Liability State and Federal Agencies Crack Down on Claims for Touted COVID-19 Preventatives, Treatments and Cures Congressional and Administration Responses to the Coronavirus Outbreak What Does the Governor's Declaration of Emergency Mean for Nevada Businesses? What Does California's Stay-At-Home Order Mean for My Business? The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act Coronavirus Economic Update, March 20, 2020 COVID-19 Updates for Water Agencies and Water Users UPDATE: CMS Expands Coronavirus Telehealth Benefits and OCR Promises Enforcement Discretion Is Cannabis an Essential Business During Coronavirus Closures? Coronavirus Economic Update Assessing COVID-19 Remedies Under Construction Contracts Treasury Department Releases Key Terms for Phase Three Stimulus Mnuchin Announces Further Administration Steps to Combat Coronavirus Maintaining a Safe and Healthy Work Environment During the Coronavirus Pandemic Coronavirus Economic Stimulus Package Vertical Mergers Receive Increased Attention from Federal and State Antitrust Authorities Which Health Care Rules Are Already Waived Under the President's Emergency Declaration? SEC Provides Guidance on Proxy Rules Related to Annual Meetings in Light of Coronavirus Lawmakers Introduce Technical Corrections to Coronavirus Package Fate of Colorado Legislative Session Unclear in Midst of COVID-19 Downplaying or Concealing Coronavirus Risk Could Result in Consumer Protection Lawsuits Restricting Employees’ Work-Related Travel in Light of the Coronavirus Threat Friednash: Colorado should improve its presidential primary and abandon its caucuses What Employers Need to Know about HIPAA Compliance during the Coronavirus Outbreak Health Plan Coverage of Coronavirus Testing and Treatment Upcoming COPPA Enforcement Will Possibly Affect More Cos. The Intersection of SGMA/Groundwater Adjudications Groundwater Fees and Finance Are You Responsible for Reporting Coronavirus Cases? We Don't Have Coronavirus Here – How to Avoid False Advertising Claims Congress Allows HHS to Relax Telehealth Medicare Restrictions in Response to Coronavirus Outbreak SEC Addresses Impact of Coronavirus Threat on Disclosure Obligations What Are Parties’ Rights Under the AIA Owner-Contractor Agreements in the Event of a Coronavirus Pandemic? Would Business Interruption Insurance Cover Losses Stemming from a Coronavirus Pandemic? The Promise and Perils of Prosecutorial Discretion Do Force Majeure Clauses Cover a Coronavirus Pandemic? No Unified Patent Court or Unitary Patent for Post-Brexit UK Cyber @50: Security and Privacy Congress Considers Enforcement and Compliance Review of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act The Perils Hotels Face of Parental Leave Policies The New World of Political Risk: Latin America and Beyond Friednash: Coronavirus Exposes Fallacy of Isolationism — We are Global Citizens Environmental & Land Use Issues in Cannabis & Industrial Hemp Land Use Permits: Give Your Client The Leg Up With Science! Top Environmental Risks Facing Cannabis Businesses "Actual Knowledge" Required to Apply ERISA’S Three-Year Statute of Limitations to Fiduciary Breach Claims Business Issues in Cannabis & Industrial Hemp Federal Law & Policy Update Consumer Protection and Antitrust Priorities: Colorado Attorney General's Office Jason Dunn: The Planned Parenthood shooting case and how we cooperate for justice Friednash: Colorado Voters Now Have Their Ballots. Will We Feel the Bern? Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce Conversations: Amber McReynolds Wall Street Journal Op-Ed Legal Ethics: When Inside Meets Outside–Principles and Practical Advice for In-House and Outside Physician and Hospital Lawyers Proposed Initiative Would Limit Residential Growth on Front Range Private Equity Healthcare M&A Primer H2O Women: The Importance of Empowering Women on Management of Natural Resources Prioritizing Cybersecurity in the Digital Age Innovations & Updates in Forestry Finance: Overview of Forest Resilience Bonds and the Qualified Opportunity Zone Program Worker Classification Law Clashing With the Gig Economy? Leveraging AI to Combat IP Theft Colo. Wage Rules Present Big Employer Compliance Hurdles Colorado 2020 Ballot Initiatives Update Friednash: Jason Crow's Unexpected Rise to the Impeachment Stage Will Only Help the Freshman Cannabis: A Growth Industry CMS Releases Long-Awaited Block Grant Guidance FTC Announces Increased HSR Thresholds for 2020 The 2020 Iowa Caucus: A Primer 5 Hemp Trends to Watch in 2020 5 Cannabis Trends to Watch in 2020 Cannabis 101 Lunch Gaming in 2020: Five things to watch FTC Issues New Guidelines for Social Media Influencers, Brands Top 5 Trends for Cannabis in 2020 FTC and State AGs Continue Focus on Deceptive Social Media Marketing EPA Releases Revised Rule Impacting Federal Jurisdiction Over Waters Rate-Setting with a Divining Rod - Groundwater Fees with the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) Handling Water Rights Disputes: Adjudication Procedures And Litigation Tips Water Rights Evaluations The Colorado Surprise Medical Billing Law's Arbitration Provisions, Explained Taxation & Representation, January 21, 2020 Prior Appropriation Water Law Made Simple Community Impact Breakfast on Growth Friednash: Can Polis and the Democrats Hold Out Against the Far Left? White House Releases NEPA Proposal Taxation & Representation, January 14, 2020 Second Circuit Paves Way For Future Insider Trading Prosecutions Las Vegas Takes a Cue From Hotel-Casinos When it Comes to Golf Course Closures Working Cooperatively to Avoid the E-Discovery Sideshow Procedures Announced for Tribes to Apply for 2.5 GHz Spectrum Quarterly Cannabis Workshop & Networking Event New Enterprise E911 Rules Take Effect on Feb. 16—Are You Ready? Demystifying Cannabis Regulations in Santa Barbara County Industrial Facilities May Be Denied Business Permits Without Proof of Storm Water Coverage Friednash: Ruling Against Denver's Camping Ban was Wrong and Must be Appealed Federal Circuit Infers Disavowal, Limiting Scope of Chamberlain Patent Best Practices for Resolution of Medical Accounts Consumer Protection Laws & CBD Products—What You Need to Know Before Going to Market Colorado Gears Up to Launch Sports Betting on May 1 National Labor Relations Board Provides Early Holiday Gifts to Employers End-of-Year Spending and Health Care Extenders Package Overview Year-End Spending Bill Includes Tax Extenders, Disaster Tax Relief USMCA: Overview and Next Steps The CalCannabis Appellations Project Is About to Spark a New Chapter in Place-Based Branding The Path Forward for Oil and Gas Operators After SB 181 Wage and Hour Updates Mean Big Changes for Colorado Employers CEQA News You Can Use, Vol. 4, Issue 4 Cannabis Companies Face Increasing Consumer Protection Scrutiny The U.S. of Weed: How to Address the Disconnect Between State & Federal Law Friednash: ICE Officials are Weaving a False Web about Colorado's "Sanctuary State" FDA Cracks Down on Companies Selling CBD Products Growing Green: Marijuana Revenue Priority Filing Deadline Set for Tribes’ Access to Spectrum Invisible No More: Combating Violence Against American Indian Women Five Tips to Re-energize Your Office Give-Back Program this Holiday Season 8 Policy Changes to Expect in 2020 Robocall Legislation Moves Forward The Perils of PTO for Multi-Jurisdictional Employers The Information Security Age Signs of Life for Condo Projects Slowly Emerging Friednash: Trump's Assault on the Truth has Endangered our Republic Fed. Circ. Data Patent Opinion Elucidates Software Eligibility PFAS 101: A Technical, Regulatory, Legal, and Legislative Overview of Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances Equity Cure Rights In Commercial Loan Transactions: Curing Financial Covenant Defaults Patent System Stakeholders Underutilizing Open Data Resources at the USPTO New Tenant Protections Under AB 1482: Rent Control and Just Cause Eviction Wild Card Issues That Might Alter the 2020 Election Cycle No Practice Is Too Small to Ignore Risks of Disclosing PHI on Social Media Cannabis is Here, Getting into the Weeds on Business & Benefits Issues Results in for Colorado's 2019 Off-Year Election Employee Benefits-Related Limits For 2020 What's Next Now That Colorado Voters Have Authorized Sports Betting Client Spotlight: Regulation In an Era of Health Care and Technological Change Friednash: There are Many Reasons Prop. CC Failed; TABOR's Sanctity Wasn't One of Them Arthrex: Administrative Patent Judges Found Unconstitutional Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce Conversations: Episode One Playing by the Rules 2019 Colorado Business Law Updates Impeachment Ignited: How the Process Will Unfold Much at Stake for Coloradans in Next Week's Odd-Year Election Is the End of Cannabis Prohibition in the United States Near? Colorado's Odd-Year Election FCC To Assess Tribal Engagement Process The Funding Outlook For Soon-To-Expire Health Programs Impeachment Ignited: How the Process Will Unfold Friednash: With a Water Shortage in Sight, Prop DD Will Help Keep the Rivers Flowing Navigating the Era of Increased Attorney General Enforcement Advanced E-Discovery Issues Dirt, Sweat & Tears: Key Legal Considerations When Negotiating Various Easement and License Agreements in a Commercial Real Estate Development Transaction Sponsors, Influencers & Career Engineering for Legal Counsel Grassroots Lobbying - Cannabis or how to convince regulators to turn an illegal substance into a legal consumer commodity Top Water/Wastewater Projects Don't Let Halloween Haunt Your Workplace: How to Manage the Holiday's Risks ACA Cast: Highlights from the Hill Cannabis THC & CBD at the USPTO Health Extenders Overview and Outlook Federal Circuit Closes Door on Patentability in Chamberlain Colorado Will Be Asked in November Whether to Legalize and Tax Sports Betting Navigating the Era of Increased State Attorney General Enforcement What Lies Beneath – Lessons Learned and Forecasting the Future of Construction Dewatering Recent Developments with FDCPA Rulemaking, Emerging Technology and Litigation IRS Releases Priority Guidance Plan Groundwater Under Your Project: What Lies Beneath May Come Back to Haunt You Mike Coffman has the experience, leadership qualities Aurora needs in a mayor OECD Publishes Digital Tax Draft Proposal Finance in Five: The End of LIBOR Customer Panel: Create Sustainable Growth With Innovation D.C. Circuit Grudgingly Upholds FCC's Internet Freedom Order Vaping Injuries Roil Regulators Legal Cannabis in America & How it Impacts Employers Building Relationships That Work! It's Not Easy Being First Financial Services Update: October 2019 Negotiation and Transactional Ethics Workshop: Avoiding Ethical Pitfalls While Driving Deal Results Not Another GDPR Primer: Information Security and Privacy Issues that Should be Keeping You Up at Night (But Probably Aren't) The State of Affairs for Federal CBD Trademarks Nevada Appellate Procedure: A Step-By-Step Guide Warren is surging in the polls as top three emerge How the U.S. Government Will Address Emerging Technologies California's Changing Coastal and Shoreline Management: Legislative, Legal, and Regulatory Updates Wine Law Overview: Land Use, Operations, and Branding The USMCA and China Trade Talks: What to Expect Court Vacates Rule That Lowered Medicare Payments to Off-Campus Clinics Government Urges Tribes to Apply for Free Access to Spectrum Watering the Weed Brownstein Attorneys Advise on Updates to 40-Year-Old FDCPA Planning and Land Use Challenges Unique to Cannabis Cultivation Hot Topics in Groundwater Law SGMA Legal Issues The Gig Economy Could Change How Employers Gear for Next Recession A Colorado Republican comeback in 2020 is highly unlikely California Planning Law for Planning Commissioners: Historical Perspectives, Coastal Regulation to Address Climate Change and Water Supply Planning During Times of Shortage YouTube Fine Showcases Expanded Enforcement Of COPPA Insider Betting: Deep Threat or No Harm, No Foul? Republican Retirements Provide Insights into 2020 Election Cycle—and Beyond Hot Topics in Healthcare Evidence, Part I: Overview of the Underbrush Does the "Chosen One" really think we are winning the trade war? Lawmakers enhance Nevada's corporation and LLC laws Coworking Spaces Balance Location, Amenity, Term Nevada's Corporation and LLC Laws Improved by State Lawmakers Brand Strategy 101: Developing, Clearing and Protecting Cannabis Trademarks Cultivating Your Culture Drives Competitive Advantage Colo. Manufactured Housing Bill Goes Into Effect CEQA News You Can Use - Vol. 4, Issue 2 Run for Senate, Hick NLRB Proposes New Election Rules Advocacy Training The Colorado River – Will Coming Allocation Pressures Reach "Class 6" Difficulty? NLRB's Busy Summer Results in Key Labor Changes Denver's AOC — Candi CdeBaca — has already shaken the city but could this disruptor rattle Congress too? Tribal Water Issues: Indian Water Law 101 Practical Advice for Creating and Maintaining Project Records for Potential Construction Disputes Co-Branding C2H5OH Development Diagnostic Legislative Update: Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Consumer Protection Law – HB 18-1128 Nevada Legal Holds – Not Just a Formality: Drafting & Implementing Effective Legal Holds in Civil Litigation Bipartisan Bill Could Increase Renewable Energy Development on Public Lands ACA International Annual Convention Washington Update How States May Regulate Income Share Agreements Colorado PTO: To Pay or Not to Pay Qualifying the Construction Expert Witness How New State Employment Laws Will Impact Recruiting, Hiring and Onboarding FCC Sets Aside Airwaves for Rural Tribal Areas The Nondelegation Doctrine And Enviro Regs, Post-Gundy Protecting Confidential Business Information Colorado Wage and Hour Law Update Changes Coming for Colorado Landlords and Tenants FCC Considers Restrictions on Arrangements Between Building Owners and Broadband Providers Sea Level Rise & Waste Water Infrastructure - Current California Guidance and Strategies Supreme Court Ruling Allows Registration of "Scandalous" or "Immoral" Trademarks Democrats need to focus on what really matters to voters to win in 2020 Colorado Enacts Anti-SLAPP Law Fear and Loaning in Las Vegas Congressional Oversight Reaches New Levels – What to Expect Going Forward What is Stir/Shaken, How Does it Work and What Are its Implications For CCA Providers? Taxation & Representation, June 25, 2019 Health Care in the Democratic Presidential Debates Senate Update: June 2019 Presidential Race Update: June 2019 Friednash: CiviCO is developing the leaders of tomorrow across Colorado Medicare Rulemaking After Azar v. Allina Health Services Getting Into the Weeds: An Update on the SWRCB's April 2019 Cannabis Water Policy Colorado Supreme Court Gives OK to Ballot Measure to Repeal TABOR The TIF Toolbox: Maintaining Successful Commercial Districts The Wire Act's potential impact on sports betting Don't block tribes from online gaming market Taxation & Representation, June 18, 2019 Colorado Supreme Court Rules TABOR Repeal Can Proceed Nevada Legislature Innovates Corporation and LLC Laws Southern Nevada Municipal Election Results Are In Taxation & Representation, June 11, 2019 Federal District Court Rejects OLC Opinion Reinterpreting The Wire Act Hancock's victory in the face of uncertainty pales in comparison to the mayor's other life challenges Local Governments’ Participation In and Regulation Of Oil and Gas Activity Post SB19-181 Denver Runoff Election Results Are In The Latest in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Issues The Sweet 16 Round of Opportunity Zone Proposed Regs The Highs and Lows of Marijuana Legalization Revisited The Wire Act Applies Only to Sports Gambling, For Now California Sea Level Rise: A Primer Taxation & Representation, June 4, 2019 Rolling (legal) Papers: Are We any Closer to a Congressional Solution to the 'Cannabis Conundrum'? The Fair Labor Standards Act (3rd Edition, 2019 Cumulative Supplement) Can The Affordable Care Act Survive The Latest Challenge? Advance Waivers 17th Annual Rocky Mountain Intellectual Property & Technology Institute Legalizing adult-use marijuana benefited Colorado, could help Connecticut State Attorneys General Update Colorado Supreme Court Revisits Economic Loss Rule Justice Department Updates Guidance On Evaluation Of Corporate Compliance Programs CBD Food and Drink Cautionary Warning Signs Women will show anger with abortion ban in the voting booth CFPB and FCC Disconnect: Debt Collection and Call Blocking Gaming Patents And "Abstract Ideas": What Are The Rules Of The Game? Navigating the Perilous Shoals of Congressional Oversight Investigations Expanding the Ability of Phone Companies to Block Calls Repealing TABOR: Colorado Ballot Initiative #3 Emerging Issues in Health Care Policy Texas v. Azar: the Latest Challenge to the Affordable Care Act. What if … The E in E-Discovery: Every Lawyer's Ethical Obligations Legal Cannabis Ushers in New Era of Water Regulation in California Steps to Investing in Opportunity Zones FCC Report Concludes Broadband Deployment Still Lagging in Indian Country Denver First-Round Election Results Are In Emerging Issues in Ecommerce: Competition, Distribution, Data and Platform Power IRS Implements Prospective Expansion of Determination Letter Program to Merged Plans EB-5 Securities Laws and Enforcement: Analyzing the Trends The Democrats’ Presidential Field and the Importance of Home Court Advantage Health Care Update (May 2019) 16 Takeaways from the Second Round of Opportunity Zone Regulations Surety Bonds: An Alternative Security for Leases An Infrastructure Package: Can It Happen? Guest Commentary: City's new 20-year plans will help mitigate Denver's growing pains HHS Rule Could Disrupt How Hospitals And Insurers Set Rates Federal Court Applies Nevada's Interest Statute in FDCPA Case A Deep Dive Into the USMCA IRS Expands Self-Correction of Retirement Plan Errors The Fourth Circuit Strikes TCPA's Government Debt Collection Exception Framing the Case: Best Practices for Initial Pleadings on Both Sides of the "V." From Campaigns to Policy, Transitions = Growth Water Policy in California: Six Key Takeaways from the State Water Board's New Cannabis Cultivation Policy Marijuana and the 10th Amendment: Strange Bedfellows or Natural Allies? Outlook For States Expanding Medicaid To Young Immigrants Friednash: Initiative 300 could create permanent campgrounds at City Park, Red Rocks or on the street in front of your house The Shifting Sands of Coastal Development Policies: How sea level rise and climate change are influencing local development restrictions 'Distractor in Chief' has Made Room for Unprecedented Regulatory Reform Contracting and Licensing Considerations When Doing Business in Other States Colorado Bill Significantly Broadens Scope of the Consumer Protection Act Record-Breaking Colorado Real Estate Deals Repeal on Statewide Ban on Rent Control Introduced in Colorado Senate Colorado Springs and Fort Collins Municipal Election Results Are In The Culture Strategy: A Powerful Tool That Drives Your Bottom Line The Wire Act Revisited: How the DOJ's Recent Reinterpretation May Affect Gaming in Nevada Unique Issues and Pitfalls in Medical Office Leasing Finance in Five: Junior Debt and Customary Subordination Provisions House Ways and Means Advances Three Bills Don't Ignore Successor Liability For Pension Plan Withdrawal The Promise (and Peril) of Digital Signage #WheresThePrice: Proposed Rule Sneaks in Questions about Publishing Payer-Negotiated Rates New European copyright rules: 'Best efforts' may render them inconsequential The United States must not aid and abet Iranian money laundering Analysis of Martinez Decision Friednash: Trump is a stronger candidate than ever headed into 2020 The Misery Index: Limitations on Groundwater Use 4 Challenges For College GCs After Admissions Scandal SGMA Status and Forecast Funding Considerations TCPA First Amendment Argument Could Eliminate Government Debt Collection Exemption Continued oversight of Trump administration necessary duty of Congress Colorado Equal Pay for Equal Work Act In-venue streaming and broadcasting of live sporting events – key legal issues for sports clubs and leagues United States Supreme Court: Foreclosure Law Firms Likely Exempt from Federal Fair Debt Law Clean Water Resources, an Old Market with New Opportunities Lawyering or Lobbying? The Distinction Does Not Matter to the U.S. Government Taking a Look at Reno Hotel Development and Opportunity Zones Sorting Through the Weeds: Legal Cannabis Ushers in a New Era of Water Regulation in California Friednash: Colorado Republicans Have Refer Madness Advocating for the Arts on Capitol Hill Exploring Marijuana Diversification Update on Land Use Laws in Wine Country Owning and Operating a Winery: Including Diversification and Preparing for the Next Recession Water and Environmental Considerations, Sustainable Groundwater Management Act: Sword and Shield Will Opportunity Zones Succeed in Stimulating Investments? Using the "Reasonable Allowed Amount" to Resolve Surprise Emergency Medical Billing Copyright Owners May Need to Reassess Copyright Registration Strategy in Light of Supreme Court Ruling Structures & Uses. Conforming & Nonconforming. What's the Difference? Practical Tips for Indian Water Settlements Increased HSR Thresholds Become Effective on April 3, 2019 Fintech Charter Fight Goes Beyond Regulatory Authority Jurisdictional Collaboration in Urban Renewal: Legal Updates & Case Studies Defense Policy in the 116th Budget Control Act: FY20 Debate Will Soon Heat Up California Water Rights: Compliance Checklist for 2019 Not Your Typical Supreme Court Oral Argument Update: 2020 Presidential Campaign What Businesses Should Expect from Colorado's New Attorney General Friednash: Here's why America's governors can get it done while Congress falters A Discussion With Ben Folds, Musician and Advocate Expansion of Medicaid Eligibility for Undocumented Young Adults Qualified Improvement Property Needs Improvement The Upside of Opportunity Zones for Hotel Developers and Hotel Owners ADEA & Hot Topics in Whistleblower Law A Primer on Casino Game Patents Congressional Regulation Over Big Tech, Consumer Privacy and Fair Competition How Can Developers Avoid Problems Before They Arise? Why Artificial Intelligence Matters in eDiscovery Friednash: Why we should care if that ex-convict can get a job in Colorado SGMA Fee Issues: How to Fund GSA Implementation, GSP Projects, and How to Avoid Prop 218 Pitfalls Arbitration of California Real Estate Disputes A Broad Approach To Opt-Out Texts Tribal Issues: How Economic Opportunity Can Develop Amid Federal Regulation State of the Union – Tax and Infrastructure Cannabis and the Feds Brownstein Government Relations Podcast Series: Senate Update (February 2019) When Are Tax Increment Revenues Federally Taxable? DOJ Updates Justice Manual to Formalize Guidance about Guidance What "Cryptos" Can Expect from Congress in 2019 Guest Column: Protect Your Patent and Know Its Worth Court Ruling a Win for Tribes and Wireless Resellers Nevada's 80th Legislative Session — Day 1/120 Friednash: I helped expand the Colorado death penalty; now I support its repeal CEQA News You Can Use - Vol. 4, Issue 1 State Laws Work to Address Marijuana Consumption Establishments The Foundation of Blockchain: What It Is, Isn't and How It is Disrupting Legal With shutdown win, Pelosi restored constitutional balance to Washington The Jeep Hacking Case Is Problematic Legislative Update Cannabis and Land Use Law Cannabis and Land Use Issues in Santa Barbara County Colorado Bills that Could Affect Development in 2019 Friednash: Full-day kindergarten for our future Colorado Legislature Will Consider Wide Range of Employment Bills Ballot Measure to Repeal Tabor Hits Snag at Title Board Hearing Service of Process California Land Use 101 A Victory for Home Rule Independence: Court Limits Jurisdiction Over Home Rule Municipalities On-, Off-Premise Sign Distinction Questions Remain Gardner's 2018 hangover could last until 2020 Congressional Investigations and the Attorney-Client Privilege Colorado Civil Claims: Elements, Defenses and Sample Pleadings, 2019 Edition FCC Adds a Reassigned Numbers Database Safe Harbor Cannabis Policy Update (December 2018) Blueprint Denver The Challenge of Increasing Broadband Access on Tribal Lands Oversight in the 116th Congress The FCC Steps Up Efforts to Restrict "Robocalls" Brownstein Client Conversations: Americans for the Arts Women are Leaders in Water Industry Brownstein Government Relations Podcast Series: Policy Update (November 2018) Brownstein Government Relations Podcast Series: The Front Runner What Will the 2018 Midterms Mean for Business? Brownstein Client Conversations: OvaCure Finance in Five Podcast Series: Funding to a Plan Brownstein Government Relations Podcast Series: Senate Update (October 2018) Brownstein Government Relations Podcast Series: House Update (October 2018) Sign Code Uncertainty After Supreme Court Ruling Brownstein Nevada Government Relations Podcast Series: Legislature 101 Brownstein Podcast Series: New Tax Incentives in Qualified Opportunity Zones Rise of the Machines: Artificial Intelligence and its Growing Impact on U.S. Policy Crypto Exchanges Could Be Next Regulatory Target ADA Compliance and the Impact of Hotel Renovations Brownstein Government Relations Podcast Series: TCPA Reform Brownstein Government Relations Podcast Series: Tax Policy Roundtable (September 2018) Business/Government Giving Interests in Pooled Investment Entities, Such as Sports Betting Funds, Likely Constitute Securities The FCC Moves Forward with Potential New 911 Obligations for Hotels and Offices IRS Guidance Clarifies Some TCJA Changes to the $1 Million Deduction Limit for Executive Compensation under Code Section 162(m) Setting the Tone from the Top: Diversity and Inclusion as a Strategic Imperative Companies Should Be Aware of Misleading Trademark Renewal Notices The New Colorado Data Security Law and Beyond Brownstein Government Relations Podcast Series: Nevada Public Land Issues Implications of Expanding Litigation Risks ACA International Annual Convention Washington Update Brownstein Government Relations Podcast Series: Immigration Update (July 2018) Brownstein Government Relations Podcast Series: Policy Update (July 2018) Brownstein Government Relations Podcast Series: The Internet of Things Structuring Nevada Hotel Casino Deals Brownstein Client Conversations: International Hearing Society STATES Act Bill Addresses Incongruity in Federal Law and State Marijuana Regulation #MeToo, More Than a Hashtag Sweeping New Colorado Data Privacy Law Impacts Health Care Industry Brownstein Podcast Series: The Cyber Threat Landscape Tort Law Desk Reference: A Fifty State Compendium, 2018 Edition Brownstein Government Relations Podcast Series: CFIUS Current Trends in Securities and White Collar Defense Mitigating the E-Discovery Sideshow: Health Care Employer's Guide to Managing E-Discovery Before and During Litigation Brownstein Government Relations Podcast Series: Health Care Update (April 2018) Brownstein Client Conversations: Credit Union National Association Brownstein Government Relations Podcast Series: Political Update (April 2018) 5th Annual Pre-Law Diversity Conference Understanding The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Telemedicine: Game Changer or Costly Gimmick? 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