Aluminium-Verbundplatte zur Herstellung von LED-Box-Leuchtschildern
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Aluminium-Verbundplatte zur Herstellung von LED-Box-Leuchtschildern

Aluminium-Verbundplatte zur Herstellung von LED-Box-Leuchtschildern

Spezifikationen für Aluminium-Verbundplatten: Aluminium-Verbundplattenstruktur: PE-Kern: Wir haben verschiedene Standar
Modell Nr.1100
Transportpaketauf dem Seeweg
Spezifikation1220 mm * 2440 mm
Spezifikationen der Aluminium-Verbundplatte:
Alu-Dicke0,03–0,5 mm
FarbenMatt, Metallic, Spiegel, Gebürstet, Funkelnd, Holz, Granit/Mühlenfinish
Breite0,9 m–1,57 m
Vorlaufzeit8-15 Tage

Aluminum composite panel structure:PE core: we have different standards of PE core,including breakable and non-brekable one. the non-breakable one can't be snapped from either or both sides. we also have white core subject to your requirement.Aluminum Coil: we have our own aluminum coil factory and we handle different aluminum grades as per your request. the coils are coated with a fine anodized aluminum layer to make sure the painting adhesion is superior.Polymer film: we use imported polymer film when laminating to ensure maximum panel fastness and that they dont peel off easily.Protective film: we apply a protective film on finished ACP to give extra protection. we have transparent film,branded films etc you can dictate it.Aluminum composite panel usage:*Interior cladding,ceiling,modular kitchen cabinet,countertop*Exterior cladding,canopy,curtain wall,siding,roofing,building elevation*Signage,sopraporta,fascia,shop fronts,billboard,printing ETC.How we stand out among peers:*Scale: we have 24 composite lines and 6 coating lines,making us the largest manufacturer in China.*Quality: our rigid quality control passes CE,SGS,ROHS,ISO etc.*Experience: founded in 1999,we have rich production experience and endeavers to make Jixiang a well known China brands.*Our scale economy and rich experience help ensure on-time delivery and warranty.*As a group colossal,our network synergy guarantees optimal cost advantage.*We have much experience with OEM/ODM.*We have a wide range of specs and colors at your choice,including tailor made projects.*We are attentive,assiduous and responsible,WE VALUE EACH & EVERY CUSTOMER for long term cooperation.Our aluminum coils:Composite Lines:Packaging:Loading: